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How long does it take to prepare a grant proposal?

When it comes to preparing a winning grant proposal, you can never be too prepared before the announcement of the RFP.  We recommend having a standard template, like our EXCEL Proposal Package, that compiles essential information about your organization, program, and demographics on hand. With 80 % of your proposal accomplished, we can assist in completing a grant application in as little as 2-3 weeks for foundations and 30 days for government grants.

Why are our grant applications not getting funded?
The competition for grant monies is becoming increasingly competitive as grant funds are being reduced and more organizations seek funding. A clearly defined performance and evaluation section, statement of need, and budget will help set your organization apart. We have articles in our learning lab that you may find helpful.

I’ve never used a grant writer before; what are my next steps?

Selecting a consultant to work with your team is understandably a daunting task. But just as hiring an electrician to wire your house will help avoid improper installation, hiring a grant writer will help you avoid costly mistakes that render your application incomplete. At SGR, we are constantly following trends in federal and nonprofit funding and writing to ensure we can provide practical solutions and value to our customers.

Due diligence is important. First, think about qualifications,  then decide if you want to hire an employee or consultant. Finally, check our favorite job sites.

Where are you located?

We are located in Maryland, nearby Washington, DC.  We utilize collaboration, video-conferencing, and project management tools to provide value to clients throughout the U.S.

What services do you provide?
SGR offers grant opportunity research and plan-to-submission grant proposal development. You can learn more about our services here.

Can you guarantee we will win a grant?

No grant writer can guarantee you will win a grant. Many decisions, from program priorities to funding changes, may affect why an organization was not awarded grant monies. However, SGR can help you narrow your search to your best match funders and refine your application, increasing your chance for success.  We have an article about how a grant writer supports an organization here.

Do you work on commissions?
That's a great question, one top-of-mind when hiring a grant writer. We do not work on commissions. You can learn more about how grant writers get paid here.

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