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 Customized Workshops


5 Reasons to Invest in Grant Writing Training for your Team 

  1. What previously worked doesn't work anymore. Grant applications are becoming more detailed and there is more competition.

  2. Trends are constantly changing on how to present data, develop metrics, and describe population served.

  3. Your development team is new or you need to find new funding opportunities. 

  4. Because face to face training is more effective than webinars.

  5. You want to help your fundraising staff do their job better,  and feel more valued and engaged.


In today’s world, job roles are constantly changing, and new challenges arise in the workplace.  This can lead to job dissatisfaction and high turnover, especially within nonprofits. Group training is a great tool to combat these issues, and build camaraderie. It also allows your team to thrive where they are. Telework/ Remote Training Options are available.

We Can Help with your Training Needs.

Sidnae Global Research offers training workshops based on our pre-designed curriculum and customized workshops that focus on your industry. Our full-day workshops tend to be very interactive with opportunities for group discussion, independent reflection, and peer-review. We are happy to work with you to create a training or seminar that will meet the needs of your participants or employees. You may choose to be hands-on in this process or let us do the heavy lifting and create the perfect training program for you. SGR will design all workshop materials, but your input and edits are central to this process.

Why Choose SGR over the "Bigger Guys"?

We value building relationships with small businesses, just like us. And unlike workshops presented by larger firms, we have the flexibility to adjust our training to fit your needs. I tailor each workshop with examples from your industry, and my energetic training style will keep your staff engaged. 

How it Works

  • Following a brief consultation, you will complete the Training Needs” survey to help us understand your training needs and areas of interest.

  • Next, SGR will meet with you to discuss your organization’s training goals and experiences. During this meeting, we will discuss:

    • Workshop size and training dates;

    • The experience level of participants

    • What you did or did not like about previous workshops;

    •  How interactive you want the workshop to be; and 

    • Outcomes (i.e. if this workshop is a success, what will be different as a result?).

 Please allow at least 4 weeks for the creation of custom workshops.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Dondra Ward at or toll free at 1-877-721-6686. Download our training brochure.


About Your Trainer 


Dondra Ward, CEO of Sidnae Global Research, will lead the training. As a grant reviewer she has evaluated  $200M+ in grants and contracts for 10 government programs in health, education, agriculture, and environment. As a grant writer she has helped nonprofits- large and small- develop winning proposal strategies for foundation and government grants. She is a Grant Professionals Association Approved Trainer.

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