Is your healthcare organization ready to apply for a big federal grant but you don't have the staff or time to focus on getting it just right?

Or maybe your coalition is seeking funding for a major community health initiative, but you are an expert at relationship-building, not writing and gathering documents?

In the competitive grant world, mistakes and missed deadlines are not an option. Would you feel better if someone could take some of the pressure off during the stressful federal grant application process?

Sidnae Global Research helps established US-based hospitals, health departments, medical centers, and treatment and prevention organizations seek and secure federal grants and cooperative agreements from SAMHSA (mental health), CDC (disease prevention), Health Resources and Services Administration (healthcare workforce), and the Administration for Children and Families (parenting and child development). 


Program areas served

  • Telehealth

  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment

  • Enhanced Mobility

  • Health Equity Communities

  • Parenting programs

  • Anti-drug coalitions

  • Maternal child health

  • Sexual assault

  • Substance use peer recover

  • Cancer navigation and treatment

  • Community Health

  • Infectious disease

  • Disease monitoring, surveillance

  • Healthcare workforce development

SGR's 7-Step Grant Development Process

SGR develops competitive federal grant application packages for our customers applying for grants or cooperative agreements with SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration), ACF (Administration for Children and Families, and the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Using our 7-step grant development process you will never have to worry about your competitive edge or missing a deadline. 

Step 1: SGR's proprietary Grant Readiness and Risk Assessment: Using our proprietary tool our subject matter experts analyze your organization's likelihood of success and recommend areas to improve positioning and competitive edge. Projects with a rating of "Moderate or High Chance of Success" will be recommended for application submission. This step saves your organization time and money. If you receive a recommendation to wait this one out, SGR will provide a summary of the next steps to improve your program for future funding.

Step 2: Project Management Plan: The Federal Grant Application is a marathon, not a sprint. Using our fine-tuned tools and processes we will prepare a flexible project management plan to keep the project on track. Let us take scheduling and remembering deadlines off of your hands so you can focus on your project. 

Step 3: Systems Registrations: UEI (unique entity identifier),,, eRACommons, etc. Do these words make sense to you? If not, you are in good company. The grant application process can start weeks before the deadline. Missing out on registrations in government systems can prevent your application from moving forward. And it can take many hours to learn how to submit a completed application to funder application systems. We are knowledgeable of the required systems and will help you via our remote technical assistance. Save yourself the headache, and heartache, of a returned grant application and a missed deadline. 

Step 4: Strategic Positioning: Our experts write grants for a living, and we know what works. SGR specializes in only 4 grant funding agencies. Why? Because when you work with an organization all the time you learn what they like and who are the key players. We leverage this knowledge to help you rise above the competition during the review process.  

Step 5: Program Design: Providing a bird's eye view of your proposed project, we leverage our knowledge of healthcare funding, best practices, and market research to help you design programs that meet the needs of your community, the resources of your organization, and wow the grant reviewers. 


Step 6: Application Development and Submission:  Full-service cradle-to-grave grant support includes attending application meetings, creating new and editing old content, crafting a document to the specifications of the grant application, collecting and creating attachments, and uploading documents to submission portals. 

Step 7: Debriefing: We provide an after-action report and provide the documents you need for future applications. 


Cost: $16,000 per application. To learn more about our Government Grant Application Package, please email