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Scholarship Search Webinars

Do you want to find scholarships, but not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, during our no cost webinar we will show you how.  Register  for a Free, online class to help start your search.


Next class in September 2017 , leave your information for updates. 

“5 Steps Closer to College’”


  • Hidden scholarships

  • Easy to use Search tools

  • Study Abroad and Special programs

  • And more


7 Ways to Fund your Health Education


  • 3 online tools you didn't know existed.

  • Finding the  "best match" for YOU

  • 5 federal programs that will PAY for your education

  • Insider Scoop on the National Health Service Corp Scholarship

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Free Training and Webinars

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 Schedule a free consultation  online, email or call (202) 413-8446. Sign Up Here for our upcoming webinar "5 Steps Closer to College"

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