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Federal Grant Application Package

Step 1: Assess

 Using our proprietary Grant Readiness and Risks tool our subject matter experts analyze your organization's likelihood of success and recommend areas to improve positioning and competitive edge. 

Step 3. Initiate

Grant application submission can start weeks before the deadline. We are knowledgeable of the required systems, let us walk you through the process. 

Step 5: Create

We have a track record of producing compelling, competitive, well-researched, and award-winning cases for funding. 

Step 7: Debrief

Our after-action report provides the documents you need for future applications. 

Step 2: Plan

Completing a Federal Grant Application is a marathon, not a sprint. Let us take scheduling and remembering deadlines off of your hands so you can focus on your mission and daily activities. 

Step 4: Strategize

As external members of your team, our bird's eye view and deep knowledge of healthcare funding can see gaps and opportunities that your team may miss. 

Step 6: Deliver

We deliver a completed grant application in compliance with the funder's requirements and upload documents to submission portals. 

Our 7-Step process delivers competitive, award-winning Federal Grant Applications for hospitals, health departments, medical centers, and treatment and prevention organizations seeking federal grants to expand or sustain patient services and community and public health initiatives.

What Our Customers Say

David Chernov,  Executive Director Totally Linking Care -MD

Dondra helped our Grant Committee think through some really tough issues as we moved forward to establish our nonprofit partnership of seven hospitals.  She was an excellent facilitator at our weekly meetings, brought new ideas to the table, and and helped us navigate the world of grant funding..  

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