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Scholarship Search Services

How it Works

  1. Following a Free 30 min consultation, you will complete a short survey to help us get to know more about your goals, interests, and experiences.

  2. Next, SGR will search through hundreds of scholarships to find a perfect match for you.

  3. The last step is simple; you will receive a personalized list of scholarships with all the information you need to apply.


We take the guesswork and legwork out of the process, so you get better results.

We offer:

  • Undergraduate Scholarship Search (Bachelor’s degree)

  • Graduate Level Scholarship Search (Master’s degree)

  • Professional/ Post Doctorate Scholarship Search (J.D, MD, PhD, etc.)

  • Loan Repayment Search Available for Health professionals, law and education fields

  • Essay writing coaching services are available


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How Does It Work ?

Free Training and Webinars

How Much Does It Cost?


 Schedule a free consultation  online, email or call (202) 413-8446. Sign Up Here for our upcoming webinar "5 Steps Closer to College"

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