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Celebrating Black-led Nonprofits in Colorado

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

For Black History Month 2023, I want to show some love to three dynamic Black-led nonprofits in Colorado I have had the privilege to support for the past eight months.

They are in United Way of Larimer County’s Inaugural Equity and Excellence for Grassroots and Community-led Nonprofits Cohort. They have touched my spirit, and it’s been a blessing to get to know them. Show them some love, especially if you are near Larimer County, Colorado!

The mission of The BIPOC Alliance is to build trusting relationships and a mutual support network between BIPOC-led groups and organizations with aligned values. Collectively, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of Larimer County are taking action to decolonize systems and institutions, redefine our relationship to social movements across the board, and liberate ourselves and our people. They offer Ancestral Healing, Education, and community events among their vast array of programs. Check them out at

Cultural Enrichment Center of Fort Collins, founded by Jamal Skinner, was created in 2020 to address the cultural, academic, career, and social needs of middle and high school African American students in Fort Collins. The CEC is crafted in an educational, cultural framework to connect participants with the history, literature, arts, music, dance, traditions, and folklore of the African American experience.

Queens Legacy Foundation was founded by Queen, a fantastic woman that lights up the room! If you know Queen, you know what I mean! After encountering racism upon moving to the Midwest, Queen’s vision was to interrupt systems of oppression that had gone unchecked. The foundation was created as an intentional movement to claim space for racial healing, self-improvement, and generational well-being. Queen's Legacy Foundation takes a generational approach to improve education, provide better access to mental and health services, and build a healthy understanding relationship with the community. Find out more at

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